Christ United Methodist Church Ministries

Worship and Music

At the Sunday worship services of CUMC communion is celebrated weekly; lay members serve as worship leaders; children participate in worship; inclusive language is used; and quality music and a volunteer choir are featured.


Christian Education

Learning about God and faith are priorities. We offer Sunday school classes for all ages; family oriented Advent and Lenten activities; and study groups on secular and sacred topics.


Caring Connection

Whether it is dinner to welcome new members, or to celebrate a special occasion, planning for monthly potluck suppers, providing rides, or delivering casseroles to the sick, the hospitality ministry helps keep everyone feeling connected.



 Many members of our congregation work on various outreach projects at different times during the year. CUMC helps support Elizabeth House, Howard County Food Bank, Grassroots Day Resource Center, Ho Co AGAST  (Advocacy Group Against Slavery & Trafficking), and the UMC Board of Child Care.


Justice for All

This ministry supports social justice issues. Christ United Methodist Church is part of the Reconciling Ministries Network that focuses on LGBTQ issues, and is currently very involved in working on racial justice and supporting Black Lives Matter. For our congregation the fundamental idea of inclusion and justice for allabsolutely every person—is extremely important.